Will an air purifier help with mold?

Mold indoors can be a health hazard. It can trigger illness, asthma attacks, and other respiratory problems, especially in children, the elderly, and people with weak immune systems. A good air purifier can help remove mold spores from the air in your home. They are a great way to improve the air quality in your home … Read more

Does vinegar kill mold?

Vinegar is an inexpensive, all-natural cleaning product that can be used to remove mold and mildew. But it is not the best product that you can use. The main problem with using vinegar to kill or prevent mold is that it does not kill all molds and the vinegar has a very low pH level … Read more

Do dehumidifiers help with mold?

If you live in an area that is humid or you have to often keep your windows closed due to bad weather, then you should consider installing a dehumidifier in your home to help prevent mold growth. Here is why they help. Mold needs two things to grow: water and food. If you don’t provide … Read more

How toxic mold affects your pets

Toxic molds can cause disease and death in all living organisms such as plants, trees, insects, humans, and even domesticated animals like your cat and or dog. Animals often suffer from the same symptoms as humans do when they are exposed to toxic mold. Symptoms such as allergic reactions like a constant runny nose, watery … Read more

The Antifungal, Antibacterial and Cancer Fighting Properties of Garlic

“Garlic then have power to save from death. Bear with it though it maketh unsavory breath, And scorn not garlic like some that think. It only maketh men wink and drink and stink.” – The Englishman’s Doctor, Sir John Harrington (1609) Garlic has long been known for its incredible antifungal, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiparasitic and anticancer agents. Garlic is vegetable … Read more

What is the best way to clean carpet and avoid mold?

You may not be aware that cleaning your carpets actually has more potential dangers than vacuuming. For example, carpet technicians often use detergents, soaps, spot removers and degreasers that contain several toxic chemicals which have been proven to be harmful to you and your family’s health and also your pet’s health. If you have carpet, your goal should … Read more

Boat Mold Removal Guide

This guide is everything you need to know about mold removal and prevention for boats, yachts, and other marine vehicles with environmentally safe cleaning and restorative products. We have spent years making boats sparkle. So if you want to keep your watercraft relatively mold-free, maintain its value and also the safety of you and your passengers in … Read more

Mold May be the Cause of Alzheimer’s Disease

Many people who read my blog know I’m a firm believer that mold (fungus) is one of the main causes of many illnesses and diseases that are currently infecting millions of people around the world. My conclusion is based on hundreds of hours of researching mold, their health effects, and hundreds of scientific studies. What I … Read more

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