Toxic Mold in Tobacco and Cigarettes

Are you smoking contaminated tobacco or toxic cigarettes laced with mold? We all know that smoking can cause cancer. But did you know that mold also causes cancer and researchers are starting to link the mycotoxins found in moldy tobacco to cancer as well? If you are a smoker, you might want to know that tobacco is … Read more

CDC Report Says Mold Can Cause Various Illnesses and Diseases Such as Cancer

This is an interesting report on molds that was posted on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website titled, “Mold Prevention Strategies and Possible Health Effects in the Aftermath of Hurricanes and Major Floods.” The report was originated by the National Center for Environmental Health, Agency for Toxic Substances Disease Registry, Howard Franklin, MD, Director, and the Division of Environmental Hazards … Read more

Mold Produces Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

“As mold grows, it gives off carbon dioxide. Therefore, if there is a CO2 spike, there is likely an increase of mold activity.” Dr. Paul Armstrong, Researcher with the USDA One of the major symptoms of mold exposure is the poisoning of the body and air by carbon dioxide (CO2) that is released by mold (fungal) spores … Read more

How Mold Causes Inflammation

Many people who have been exposed to toxic mold will experience many symptoms such as inflammation in various parts of their bodies. The reason this occurs is that inhaling the spores of mold (fungus) which contain mycotoxins, produces an immune reaction in humans that will often cause the body to go into fight or flight … Read more

How toxic mold enters and infects the human body

Toxic mold can cause serious illness, disease and even death in humans. Both the mold spores and secondary metabolites, which are known as mycotoxins, can cause serious health effects such as mycosis and a fungal infection. But before they do, they first need to enter and get absorbed into the body. Many people who are … Read more

Toxic mold exposure causes depression

There are many people all around the world that are very ill as a result of being exposed to toxic mold from their water-damaged homes, workplaces, and/or schools. Most of these people who suffer from mold illness have reported several health issues such as neurological problems, and many people also suffer from depression. I know about these terrible symptoms myself … Read more

Mold Rage: How toxic mold can cause you to become crazy and schizophrenic

Many people who have been exposed to toxic mold complain of behavioral and neurological problems like what has been called mold rage, psychosis, aggressive and erratic behavior, and depression. I had previously written in my article, Mold Can Cause Depression that researchers have connected depression with people who lived in water-damaged and moldy homes. The reason … Read more

Sexually Transmitted Fungal (Mold) Diseases

People do not think molds (fungi) can cause sexually transmissible diseases (STD and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in humans, but some species of fungi can spread as an STD. After all, fungi cause STDs in animals, insects, plants, and trees, so why not humans? Sexually transmissible disease means a bacterial, viral, fungal, or parasitic disease determined … Read more